Welcome to Hiram Daylight 73

(602) 793-1602

About Us

Mission Statement

We, as Freemasons, are here to  take good men and make them better.

Our Philosophy

We believe in improving ones self through allegory and stories passed down by word of mouth throughout the centuries.


DOES NOT EXIST! Don't wait, reach out to a Mason today to learn more. Ask One to Be One.

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We like hearing from members and Non-members alike!

We help to better prepare you to answer life's biggest questions while still allowing you to think independently. REACH OUT or feel free to come visit us.

Hiram Daylight Lodge #73

14001 N. 7th Street, Bldg. G, Ste 113, Phoenix, AZ 85022, US

(602) 793-1602


Lodge begins at 10am every second Saturday of the month (except July and August).

Breakfast  starting at 8am

Moon Valley Cafe

502 E Thunderbird Rd.

Phoenix, AZ 85022

Hiram Daylight #73 is chartered under authority of Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons - Arizona

For more information about the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons - Arizona click below.